the national registry of who’s who

April 14, 1999

Dear Dr. Barsky,

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your acceptance to The National Registry of Who’s Who.

As you may already know, Who’s Who accepts only those people that we believe have made a measurable contribution to their profession and to their community. You should take pride in your acceptance.

The National Registry of Who’s Who is dedicated to providing the very best biographical publication possible.

Life Members, like yourself, will have the opportunity to update profiles annually. The editorial department will send notification at the appropriate time.

Again, congratulations on your acceptance.

Very truly Yours,

George Nolan


*** The editors of Who’s Who in America identify and chronicle the achievements of men and women who have become the leaders in our society’s political, cultural, and economic affairs. The stringent selection process results in fewer than four persons in 10,000 being selected for inclusion in this widely distributed reference work. Selection for inclusion is based solely on reference value. Individuals are listed because of the positions they have attained or because of noteworthy achievements that have proven to be of lasting value to society. ***