skin care & treatement

Dr. Gary J. Barsky, not only a highly accredited and vetted professional with decades of diverse dermatology experience, but a progressive and empathetic care provider and philanthropist. He is highly sought after as a teacher, a mentor, and innovator in the world of Dermatology.

Coming from a family of doctors and dermatologists, he continued the tradition with his own daughter pursuing a career in internal medicine. Beginning his private practice in 1981, he wasted no time to learn the latest in laser technology and implement it to his practice making him a pioneer of medical and cosmetic laser treatment technology in early 1985. He set out to impact the field with a practice that includes comprehensive biological awareness of the underlying causes that effect the skin symptomatically and treatments that utilize the world’s latest breakthroughs in physics with precise, computer driven laser technology.

Whether you want to reduce signs of aging!  improve the appearance of your eyes, or restore your skin after removing skin cancer, Gary J. Barsky, MD, Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center offers patients a variety of comprehensive dermatological and cosmetic services to meet their needs.  We specialize in general skin health, skin disease diagnoses and treatment! cosmetic surgery,  dermatosurgery, skin cancer surgery and laser surgery.

Dr. Barsky has been chosen to teach laser resurfacing to over 100 surgeons throughout the country, and he has been selected to be a premier examiner for the Cosmetic Laser Surgery Certification boards.